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Each Cicada NFT grants access to the Cicadas Puzzle Club exclusive drops. Only holders of Cicadas will be able to mint future drops, whilst holders of Cicadas Early Access NFTs will have early access to all Cicadas Puzzle Club Drops.

As with the original Cicadas NFT collection, which includes a set of puzzles with 75 ETH of prizes for every 25% of the Cicadas that are sold, each drop on the Cicadas Puzzle Club will include a puzzle element with a percentage of the sales funding a prize pool for the lucky puzzle solvers, in addition to the amazing artwork.

The puzzles in Cicadas Puzzle Club will require a varied skillset to solve and we will always drop fresh and interesting puzzles to stretch and grow your skills as a puzzle solver.


Сicadas is a collection of 10,000 highly detailed, 3D modelled NFTs with randomly generated and weighted rarities. The traits include a unique mixture of textures, from precious gemstones to coded matrix bugs!

The Cicadas are programatically generated from 150 different parts with more than 180,000,000 possible combinations to produce the final set of NFTs.

Cicadas are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Cicada can be minted for 0.1 ETH, with a maximum of 20 Cicadas in a single transaction.



If you’re an artist and would like to work with us to integrate puzzles into your collection and launch with Cicadas Puzzle Club, send us a mail and we will be in touch:

contact [æt]